Melanie Forde

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Author of Hillwilla and On the Hillwilla Road

Hillwilla and On the Hillwilla Road are available as hardcovers and ebooks from multiple sites, including Amazon:


"a great, heart-warming story"

Some comments from Amazon readers: 

"sure-footed novelistic debut"

"pure poetry"

"wicked sense of humor"

"a rollicking good ride of a telling"

"the characters were fascinating, and, most importantly:  real"

"if you've ever felt out of place..., found yourself living ... out of your comfort zone, this book is for you"

The Hillwilla series offers a quirky take on Appalachia -- with both warts and glories on display -- in a way outsiders rarely see the southern highlands.  Readers may identify with the flawed, but endearing protagonists, while encountering other characters they'll love to hate. If you treasure the Great Outdoors and have a soft spot for critters, you won't want to miss these Back to the Land novels.